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The audio recording sense is explained by SAOB (letter S edited 1983, [SPELA IN.fb 8.b]) as a specialization of spela in brudparet i stugan.


spela in

  1. to record (audio or video), to film, to cut (a record)
    • 1908, Nordisk familjebok vol. 10, column 104
      Det, som skall återgifvas, sjunges (spelas, talas) in i en upptagningsapparats ljudtratt
      That, which shall be rendered, is sung (played, spoken) into the sound horn of a recording device
  2. (archaic) to make a short appearance; göra ett inspel
  3. (archaic) to bombard
  4. to influence
  5. to rehearse (a theatre play); öva in
  6. to earn (of a show)
    filmen spelade in 3 miljoner kronor på premiärkvällen
    the movie sold 3 million crowns on the opening night
  7. to move (inwards) in a sport or game
  8. to play music with an intended direction, e.g. to make a wedding couple enter a house; spela in brudparet i stugan


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