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From spell +‎ -athon.


spellathon (plural spellathons)

  1. (chiefly Australia, New Zealand) A spelling bee held to raise money for charity.
    • 1972, The Educational Magazine, Volume 29, page 20,
      A feasibility study has revealed that $8,500 would be needed to bring the camp site up to standard. A mammoth spellathon or a walkathon have been suggested.
    • 1978, Lawrence W. Prakken, The Education Digest, Volume 44 page 37,
      Old standbys like walkathons, spellathons, and candy and light bulb sales are common.
    • 1998, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, The United States and India, 1776-1996: The Bridge Over the River Time, page 284,
      The annual Spellathon organised by the Scripps-Howard group of publications is the nation′s premier spelling contest and about 8 million students across the nation participated.
    • 2007, Australian House of Representatives, Parliamentary debates (Hansard): House of Representatives, Volume 289, page 18,
      Most of us who are parents know that it takes a lot of pie and lamington drives, spellathons and school fetes to generate the money needed to complete many worthwhile school projects.
    • 2008, Sherryl Clark, Tracey Binns Is Trouble, University of Queensland Press, page 89,
      ‘My words were hard too.’ Katrina sighed. ‘It′s not like the spellathon. They don′t tell anyone if they′re right or wrong.’