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speller ‎(plural spellers)

  1. A person who spells.
    I'm a good speller.
    • 2005, Michael W. Riley, Plato's Cratylus: Argument, Form, and Structure (page 124)
      Without insisting on a difference between the inventors and the spellers of words, Socrates makes short work of this case.
  2. A participant in a spelling bee.
  3. (US) A book for learning spellings.
  4. (computing) A spell checker.
    • 1987, PC Mag (volume 6, number 17, page 358)
      But Word's spelling program still isn't fully integrated into the word processor. For one thing, any changes and corrections you make from the speller's menus don't appear on-screen until you get back to your original file.

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