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From spruik +‎ -er (suffix generating agent noun).



spruiker (plural spruikers)

  1. (Australia) One who spruiks business, a tout.
    • 1993, Mark St Leon, The Wizard of the Wire: The Story of Con Colleano, Aboriginal Studies Press, Australia, page 9,
      The spruiker then asked, “Now we want to know, will anyone have a go at the heavyweight? If anyone can stand four rounds we will give them a five-pound note and the best bottle of wine in the town”.
    • 2008, Sim Shen, “Hanoi and Other Homes”, in Alice Pung, editor, Growing Up Asian in Australia, page 338:
      Our days were filled with new sensations – the bite of every dragon fruit, the smell of roasting meat emanating from the dog restaurants near the Red River, the endless chatter of spruikers and peddlers.
    • 2009, Kate Darian-Smith, On the Home Front: Melbourne in Wartime: 1939-1945, 2nd edition, page 170:
      At the convention of the Victorian Protestant Federation G. A. Judkins alleged that attractive young girls were used as spruikers, luring Melburnians to gamble.71
  2. (Australia) One who toots their own horn.


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