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From squab +‎ -ness.


squabness (uncountable)

  1. The quality of being like a squab
    • 1866, Mary Brotherton, "Karl's First Love", Temple Bar, Volume 18, Richard Bentley, page 271
      One is a gifted maiden poetess (I am certain she is a gifted maiden poetess), whose squabness of contour, sharpness and redness of nose, and general forty-fiveness of aspect, a little mars the romantic effect of the oleanders which she loves to stick in her hair.
    • 1891, "Critical Notices", The Calcutta Review, volume 183, Thomas S. Smith, page v
      Squabness appear to be the special characteristic of early Hindu architecture; and it had affinities for the grotesque.
    • 1922, Arthur Machen, Far Off Things, Martin Secker, page 43
      I suspect it was the oddity of the shape, the extreme squabness of the volume, that first took my fancy, and then I open the pages--and I have never really closed them.