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stick the landing (third-person singular simple present sticks the landing, present participle sticking the landing, simple past and past participle stuck the landing)

  1. (sports) To complete a gymnastic or other athletic routine involving leaps, vaults, somersaults, etc. by landing firmly, solidly, and flawlessly on one's feet.
    • 1988 September 24, Lawrie Mifflin, "Seoul Olympics: Soviet Men on Another Roll," New York Times (retrieved 1 May 2018):
      When Park came down from his vault, sticking the landing perfectly upright and unwavering, a huge roar went up from the 13,596 spectators.
    • 2016 May 10, Jack Shepherd, "Captain America: Civil War: How Tom Holland won over Marvel to become Spider-Man," Independent (UK) (retrieved 1 May 2018):
      Holland also did many of his own stunts, including his entry flip. Apparently the studio didn't want the 19-year-old to perform the flip, but the directing duo told him to go for it and he stuck the landing.
  2. (aviation, astronautics) To execute a flawless landing (of an aircraft, rocket, or space capsule).
    • 2015 July 31, Amina Khan, "After a bounce, Rosetta's Philae lander serves up cometary surprises," Los Angeles Times (retrieved 1 May 2018):
      When the Philae lander, released by the comet-chasing Rosetta spacecraft, first tried to touch down on Nov. 12 in an area later named Agilkia, it could not stick the landing. The anchoring harpoons and retro-rockets did not work and the lander bounced off the comet.
    • 2016 May 26, Christian Davenport, "Elon Musk’s quest to make rocket landings routine continues today," Washington Post (retrieved 1 May 2018):
      Still, SpaceX stuck the landing the last time under similar conditions. And now in its quest to launch and recover rockets so that they may be used again, SpaceX is acquiring quite a collection of previously used booster stages.
  3. (idiomatic, by extension) To complete a process in an impressive and conclusive manner.

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