stick to one's knitting

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Alternative forms[edit]


stick to one's knitting

  1. (idiomatic) To concentrate one's attention and actions on one's own tasks, responsibilities, or affairs.
    • 1935 Oct. 27, "Helene Mayer to be in Olympics: Woman Fencing Champion Accepts Invitation," New York Times (retrieved 1 Oct 2013):
      [A]s sportsmen I think that we should stick to our knitting and not allow economic or social conditions to interfere with the Olympic Games.
    • 1975 Nov. 21, "Puritans Denied Drumstick" (editorial), Spokane Daily Chronicle, p. 4 (retrieved 1 Oct 2013):
      Researchers should stick to their knitting, finding cancer cures and discovering new shades of lipstick, and refrain from debunking history.
    • 2001 July 15, Chris Taylor, "E-Grocers Check Out," Time (retrieved 1 Oct 2013):
      "We stuck to our knitting and stayed in one market rather than going for growth," he says.

Usage notes[edit]