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stilt +‎ -y



stilty (comparative stiltier, superlative stiltiest)

  1. (archaic) pompous
  2. (of a gait) uneven, as if walking on stilts
    • 1906, Harry Caulton Reeks, Diseases of the Horse's Foot[1]:
      He has the animal trotted, and may notice at this stage that there is an inclination to go on the toes, that the lame limb or limbs are not put forward freely, and that progression is stilty and uncertain; it is such, in fact, as to at once suggest the possibility of corns being present.
    • 1916, United States Department of Agriculture, Special Report on Diseases of the Horse[2]:
      If he is lame in both feet the gait is stilty, the shoulders seem stiff, and, if made to work, he sweats profusely from intense pain.
  3. resembling stilts
    • Feb 19, 2007, Daily Telergaph - Floored by Nelly's vocal punch[3]
      Down there on the stage Furtado twizzled her shiny jet ringlets around her tiny digits and wobbled off stage in her stilty white stilettos.