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Derived from the verb stipt (to become rigid, to harden), from the same stem as stiept (to stretch) (q.v.); the (adjectivizing?) r (< *-ro) follows the pattern of stingt (to harden, to stiffen), stingrs (firm, strong, strict). Cognates include Lithuanian stiprùs, dialectal stìpras, Old Prussian postippin (all) (acc.), postippan (all, entirely, completely).[1]


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stiprs (definite stiprais, comparative stiprāks, superlative visstiprākais, adverb stipri)

  1. strong (person, animal with great strength, who is physically well developed)
    stiprs puisis, vīrsstrong guy, man
    stiprs kā lācis, kā lauvastrong as a bear, as a lion
    stiprais dzimumsthe strong sex (i.e., men)
    stiprs zirgsstrong horse
  2. (of body parts) strong (big, well developed)
    stiprs organismsstrong organism
    stipri zobistrong teeth
    kas cilvēkam ir stiprāks: rokas vai kājas?what is stronger on a person: the arms or the legs?
  3. (of plants, their parts) strong, firm, hard, well developed, not weak, not brittle
    stiprs ozolsstrong, big oak
    stiprs zarsstrong, firm, big branch
    stipras saknesstrong roots
    stiprs riekstsstrong, hard nut
  4. (of actions, physiological processes) strong, extreme (which is done or happens with strength, energy, intensity)
    stiprs sitiens, tvēriensstrong blow, grip
    stiprs kājas spēriensstrong (leg) kick
    stipra piepūlestrong effort
    stipras sāpes, graizesstrong pain, colic
    stiprs nogurumsextreme fatigue
  5. (of events) strong (of higher intensity than usual, when compared to other similar events)
    stiprs vējš, salsstrong, heavy wind, frost
    stipri nokrišņistrong precipitation, rainfall
    stipra straumestrong current, stream
  6. (of sounds, light) strong, intense
    stipras skaņasintense sounds
    stiprs troksnisintense noise
    lasīt stiprā balsīto read in a strong, loud voice
    stipra saules gaismaintense sunlight
  7. (of objects) strong, heavy, resistant, powerful, well built
    stiprs cirvisheavy ax
    stiprs žogsstrong fence
    stipra celtnestrong building
    stipri apavistrong shoes
    stipra klintsstrong rock
    stipra audumsstrong fabric
  8. (of equipment, machines, parts) strong (with great capacity, strength, intensity of effects)
    stiprs motorsstrong motor
    stipra spuldzestrong light bulb
  9. (of activities) strong (well developed, organized)
    stipra zemkopībastrong agriculture
  10. (of smells, substances, medicine) strong, irritating, having strong effect, influence on the organism
    stipra sveķu smaržastrong smell of resin
    stiprs medikamentsstrong medicine
    stipra tabakastrong tobacco
    stipra indestrong poison
  11. (of solutions, broths) strong, thick (containing a relatively large proportion of ingredients, substances)
    stiprs šķīdumsstrong solution
    stiprs buljonsstrong, thick broth
    stiprs alkoholisks dzēriensstrong alcoholic beverage
    stiprs vīnsstrong wine
  12. (of food, air) strong, hearty, healthy (which gives strength, energy, freshness)
    stipras brokastisstrong, hearty breakfast
    stiprs pavasara gaissstrong, healthy spring air
  13. (of psychological and emotional states) strong (expressed intensively)
    stipra draudzībastrong friendship
    stipras dusmasstrong, intense anger
    stipras ilgasstrong desire
    stiprs uztraukumsintense excitement
  14. (of people, their personality) strong (capable of taking decisive action under difficult circumstances)
    stipra personībastrong personality
    stiprs rakstursstrong character
  15. (of people) strong (having deep knowledge of, skilled, experienced)
    matemātikā viņš bija stiprsin mathematics he is strong
    neesmu stiprs astronomijāI am not strong in astronomy
  16. (of ideas, viewpoints) strong (steady, unchanging)
    stipra pārliecībastrong conviction
    stipra ticībastrong belief, faith
  17. (of power, words) strong, powerful, influential, convincing
    stipra valsts varastrong state power
    stiprs argumentsstrong argument
    stiprs iebildumsstrong opposition
  18. (of words, expressions) strong, open, rude
    ezermalā sanāca vīru kompānijas, dzēra degvīnu, un neskopojās ar stipriem izteicieniema group of men came by the lakeshore, drank voda, and didn't spare the strong words (lit. expressions)




Derived terms[edit]


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