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From stiprs (strong) +‎ -ums.


stiprums m (1st declension)

  1. strength (the quality of that which is (physically) strong)
    roku stiprumsarm strength
    ķérmeņa stiprumsbody strength
  2. (of actions) strength, intensity
    sitiena stiprumshit, blow strength
    vēja stiprumswind strength, intensity
    balss stiprumsvoice strength, intensity, loudness
  3. (physics) intensity (physical quantity that describes the level of effect of something)
    gaismas stiprumslight intensity
    elektriskās strāvas stiprumselectric power intensity
  4. (of materials) strength, resistance
    žoga stiprumsfence strength
    auduma stiprumsfabric strength
  5. (of activities) strength (level of capacity, effectiveness)
    ekonomikas stiprumseconomic strength
  6. (of smells, solutions, etc.) strength, intensity, concentration
    smaržas stiprumssmell strength, intensity
    šķīduma stiprumsstrength, concentration of a (chemical) solution
  7. (of psychological and emotional states) strength (intensity, great capacity)
    draudzības stiprumsfriendship strength
    personības stiprumspersonality strength
    gribas stiprumsstrength of will
    ticības stiprumsstrength of faith
  8. (of authority, words) strength, power
    valsts stiprumsstate power, strength
    argumentu stiprumsargument strength


Related terms[edit]