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stock +‎ -er


stocker (plural stockers)

  1. (agriculture) livestock that is wintered and then sold in the spring
    • 1914, Thomas Shaw, Management and Feeding of Sheep, Orange Judd Co., page 361:
      When sheep are shipped as stockers from the ranges, the numbers are such usually as to admit of grading the animals before they are shipped.
    • 1918, Frank Duane Gardner, Live Stock and Dairy Farming, The John C. Winston Company, page 53:
      The production of stockers and feeders should be confined to those parts of the country where the larger part of the land cannot be plowed profitably, and grass is the principal crop.
    • 1988, Beef: Stocker Cattle, Clemson University, page 1:
      All feeder calves wintered and sold in the spring are stockers, whether they go to grass or to the feedlot.
  2. (automotive) stock car; a car used for racing but without significant alteration since its production by the manufacturer
    • 1968, Car Life, page 75:
      For a starter, a complete technical analysis of the winningest NASCAR stocker of all time, Richard Petty’s 1967 Plymouth Belvedere.
    • 1993, Mike Mueller, Chrysler Muscle Cars →ISBN, MotorBooks/MBI Publishing Company, page 86:
      Ford Motor Company’s response to the Charger 500 was the 1969 Talladega and Cyclone Spoiler II, sleek, slippery stockers that forced Dodge designers back to the drawing board.
    • 2002, Jim Richardson, How to Build a Small-Block Chevy for the Street →ISBN, page 58:
      Any small-block Chevy engine, whether it be a stocker, street rod, or racer, will benefit from proper balancing.
  3. One who crafts gun stocks
    • 1900, George Teasdale, Experts on Guns and Shooting, Sampson Low, Marston & co., page 307:
      We mean by this that a man who has become great as a stocker would not necessarily know anything about barrel-boring, anything about actioning, anything about lock-making, nor anything about shooting.
  4. One who stocks shelves with inventory
    • 2003, Dominick Budnick, My Life as a Miracle: A Life of Fighting Cancer →ISBN, Trafford Publishing:
      I worked for two winters at Kmart in Arizona as a stocker and security guard. I was a stocker for Payless Drugs for two winters in West Seattle.
    • 2003, Donna Goodenough, Deadly Thirst →ISBN, page 80:
      There were plenty of jobs at Star Crest that someone with a mental deficiency could handle and Davenport sought to get Alvin employed as a stocker.
  5. one who supplies raw material to a machine
    • 1930, Charles Spurgeon Johnson, The Negro in American Civilization, H. Holt and Company, page 87:
      _ has been working as a stocker at a rolling mill (a stocker keeps material on hand for the heaters).





stock +‎ -er




  1. to store (keep (something) while not in use)
  2. to stock; to stock up


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