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  1. present participle of stow


stowing (usually uncountable, plural stowings)

  1. (mining) A method of working in which the waste is packed into the space formed by excavating the vein.
    • 1848, Matthias Dunn, A treatise on the winning and working of collieries:
      To render these stoppings effective, they must be built of brick or stone, and plastered with lime, and also supported at one or both sides by stowings of rubbish to provide against the effect of explosions.
  2. The act by which something is stowed; stowage.
    • 1895, United States Congressional serial set (issue 3402, page 24)
      Very often, the bales have to be subitted to several transshipments and stowings, for which reason the bales do not all arrive at destination in good condition.