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From stricken, past participle form of strike + through.


  • IPA(key): /ˈstɹɪ.kən.θɹuː/


strickenthrough (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Having been stricken through or crossed out.
    • Unknown: United States Government Printing Office, United States Congressional Serial Set, punknown
      Appended hereto is a print of the bill showing in italic and strickenthrough type the amendments recommended by your committee.
    • Unknown: United States Senate Committee on Rules & Administration, Standing Rules of the Senate: Rule XXVI — Committee Procedure, clause №12
      Whenever a committee reports a bill or a joint resolution repealing or amending any statute or part thereof it shall make a report thereon and shall include in such report or in an accompanying document (to be prepared by the staff of such committee) (a) the text of the statute or part thereof which is proposed to be repealed; and (b) a comparative print of that part of the bill or joint resolution making the amendment and of the statute or part thereof proposed to be amended, showing by strickenthrough type and italics, parallel columns, or other appropriate typographical devices the omissions and insertions which would be made by the bill or joint resolution if enacted in the form recommended by the committee.

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