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strongminded +‎ -ness


strongmindedness (uncountable)

  1. Alternative spelling of strong-mindedness
    • 2013, Ford Madox Ford, Delphi Complete Works of Ford Madox Ford (Illustrated), →ISBN:
      To account for Edith's coldness on the subject of Hollebone is easy, for, with the natural tendency for fair-brown haired women, who by some racial accident not uncommon in so mixed a nation as ours, have inherited a certain but insufficient amount of strongmindedness, Edith was somewhat hysterical in character, given to obeying her moods and impulses unduly...
    • 1980, Paul Fussell, Abroad: British Literary Traveling between the Wars, →ISBN:
      Such a formulation at least would recognize the importance of his Germano-Scottish origins while doing justice to the Puritan determination of his atheism and hedonism, the stubborn assiduity of his pederasty, and the strongmindedness of his performance as a British eccentric abroad.