stupid fuck

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See also: stupidfuck and stupid-fuck


Alternative forms[edit]


stupid + fuck.


stupid fuck (plural stupid fucks)

  1. (vulgar, offensive) Someone highly deserving of contempt.
    • 1992, Christopher Street, Issues 187-208
      What a stupidfuck he is.
    • 2010, Dennis Lehane, A Drink Before the War, page 131
      Fucking pols sit in their leather chairs with their windows looking out on the Charles and make sure their stupid-fuck white constituents think the reason they're angry is because I'm stealing food from their children's mouths.
    • 2010, Michael Lewis, Home Game, page 18
      Stupidfuck!” screamed Dixie, and they all laughed.
    • 2011, Faye Kellerman, Sacred and Profane, page 109
      He grabbed her wrists. “I'ma cop, you stupid fuck!”



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