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su'o (rafsi suz)

  1. (preceding a number) at least
  2. (otherwise) some
    • 2008, xorxes. (translator) & Jorge Luis Borges (original author), la ckuzda pe la babel. (translation of: The Library of Babel)
      ji'a su'o lerfu cu zvati lo trixe be ro cukta
      Additionally, some letters are present at the back of every book.
    xu su'o do djica lenu tavla fi da poi cinri<fracture_>, [19:30]IRC Logs
    Do some of you want to talk about something which is interesting?

Usage notes[edit]

  • This word can be used together with re (as the single compound cmavo su'ore) to modify a sumti, thereby indicating that the sumti is plural.


  • su'e (at most)

Derived terms[edit]