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Etymology 1[edit]

A priori.


su'u (rafsi suv, selma'o NU NU)

  1. generic abstractor [1]; how [2]
    • 2012, くっさん, Twitter / @daupet322
      .ie .iku'i pau ta'i ma cusku lo su'u frica fa la'o logj. ∀x∃yPxy logj. la'o logj. ∃y∀xPxy logj.
      agreeing... ; however... here is a question... by what method does one express how "ForAll x ThereExists y [such that] Pxy" differs from "ThereExists y [such that] ForAll x Pxy"?
Usage notes[edit]
  • This abstractor is actually a sort of "hypernym" of the more specific abstractors such as nu, du'u, sedu'u, etc. In other words, if one needs to construct an abstraction but is not sure of which abstractor to use, then su'u will fit the bill, by default: it is a catch-all abstractor.[3]

Etymology 2[edit]

From sfubu.



  1. rafsi of sfubu.