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Sub- 'under' + Latin fenestralis 'of or pertaining to a window'.


subfenestral (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to the underside of or space beneath a fenestra or window.
    The wall was clean, save for a patch of subfenestral graffiti.
    • 1829, "Dr. George Shaw," in Personal and Literary Memorials, by Henry Digby Beste
      We even went down into the cellars, where was a vast vault filled with coal. "This puts to shame the subfenestral carbonaria of your alma mater." Every university-man knows how the coal-porter brings his sack on his shoulder, and empties the load into the hollowed-out window-seat; Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit.
    • 1996, "In a Different Place: Feminist Aesthetics and the Picture Book", by Anne Lundin, in Ways of Knowing Kay E. Vandergrift, ed. [1]
      Under the Window’s subfenestral world is full of openings as well as suggestive of the ground, the underground of life.
    • 2002, "Archaeopterygidae", by Andrzej Elzanowski, in Mesozoic Birds, Luis M. Chiappe & Lawrence M. Witmer edd.
      The maxilla has a slender nasal process and a long subfenestral part. [...] Wellnhofer (1974) and Witmer (1997) reconstructed a fenestrate "ascending ramus" of the maxilla, as found in nonavian theropods.