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sub- +‎ prime



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subprime (not comparable)

  1. Less than prime; inferior.
  2. (US, banking) (now worldwide) Designating a loan (typically at a greater than usual rate of interest) offered to a borrower who is not qualified for other loans (for example, because of a poor credit history).
    • 2014 April 5, Alex Preston, Flash Boys: Cracking the Money Code by Michael Lewis, review: Michael Lewis tells the compelling true story of one man’s mission to tame Wall Street [print version: Capital ventures][1], London, archived from the original on 8 April 2014, page R26:
      Central to the story was Steve Eisman, an eccentric and rebarbative hedge-funder who was one of the earliest to see through the subprime lies.
  3. (US, banking, dated) Designating a type of commercial lending rate, less than the prime rate, offered to desirable borrowers.

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subprime (plural subprimes)

  1. A subprime loan.

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