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sub- +‎ subroutine



subsubroutine (plural subsubroutines)

  1. (computing, rare) A subroutine called from another subroutine.
    • 1962, Robert Mills Gagné, Psychological principles in system development
      Some programming languages even permit a subroutine to contain itself as a subsubroutine; a brain-twisting arrangement.
    • 1965, Robert Engel Machol, Wilson P Tanner, Samuel N Alexander, System engineering handbook
      ...hierarchies of subroutines and subsubroutines were used by the programmers to simplify their own organization, introducing a series of levels of control...
    • 1990, Kurt VanLehn, Mind bugs: the origins of procedural misconceptions
      The goal stack mechanism makes it simple to represent hierarchical procedures, where routines call subroutines, which in turn call subsubroutines...