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such that

  1. Which satisfies (the condition that).
    • 1986, Roderick M. Chisholm, Self-Profile, Radu J. Bogdan (editor), Profiles: Roderick M. Chisholm, Springer, page 30,
      A world, then, is a state of affairs W of this sort: For every state of affairs p, either W logically implies p or W logically implies the negation of p, and there is no state of affairs q such that W logically implies both q and the negation of q.
    • 1999, Saul Stahl, Real Analysis: A Historical Approach, John Wiley & Sons, page 63,
      Prove that there is no rational number such that .
  2. (indicating degree) To the extent that;
    (indicating manner) in a way that entails that.
    The assault was fierce, such that he passed out and remembers nothing further of the attack.
    • 2016, The Sunday Times,
      The regulatory environment is different in each country, such that it is not possible to put together two equities dealing operations on the same platform.

Usage notes[edit]

  • In general, X such that Y specifies or indicates that X is true to such a degree or in such a way as to entail Y.


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