sucre bleu

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Literally "blue sugar"; a jocular corruption of the French sacrebleu (good heavens).


sucre bleu

  1. (colloquial, humorous) Expressing anger or surprise.
    • 2/17/1977, Robert J. Tobin, Time Magazine-Letters to the Editor [1]
      Sucre bleu! Louis Bechereau will be sure to wreak his Gallic spleen in that Great Aerodrome in the Sky…
    • 2006, Unknown, University of Minnesota Morris-The Weight [2]
      Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin raced down to the door and gasped at what stood before him. "Sucre bleu!" he screamed
    • 2003, Bob Weisgerber, Golf Today Magazine [3]
      Sucre Bleu! my coffee’s got no sweetener dammit!

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