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From sunder (to separate) + out.


sunder out (third-person singular simple present sunders out, present participle sundering out, simple past and past participle sundered out)

  1. (transitive) To separate or set apart from others; split out; segregate.
    • 1891, Hebraica:
      The critics, however, sunder out one of the number and arbitrarily assign it to a different document from the rest.
    • 1908, Princeton Theological Seminary, The Princeton theological review:
      It is still possible, of course, for a critic to sunder out of P as a whole this section or that, and to say of it, this is post-exilic, it belongs to a late supplemental stratum of P.
  2. (transitive) To apportion; allot; assign.
    • 1926, American Psychological Association, Psychological bulletin:
      As to the broad field of religious mysticism and the literature essentially Freudian in method, they have been sundered out for treatment by others in special articles of this number of the BULLETIN.
  3. To remove a piece of something from the whole; separate out.
    But none save Arthur there availed, To sunder out the blade --King Arthur Made King
  4. (transitive) To break out; divide or scatter about.
    • 1988, James W. Carey, Media, myths, and narratives: television and the press:
      Religion, ritual, art, moral regulation have been sundered out of their original fusion, appreciated for a moment, and then dispensed.
    • 1976, Johann David Schöpf, Edmund Maute Spieker, Geology of eastern North America:
      Garnets are found not only in soapstone and the aforementioned talc-slates, but also indeed scattered singly in granite, further also sundered out, in the surface soil in and around Philadelphia.