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sunflower +‎ -y


sunflowery (comparative more sunflowery, superlative most sunflowery)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of a sunflower.
    • Algernon Charles Swinburne
      I am well into the second book or canto of your Tristram, containing the adventure illustrated by Morris on the walls of the Oxford Union in the sunflowery style which you may remember.
    • 1998, Charles Siewert, The Significance of Consciousness
      There is a way it seems to us to see sunflowers not just as some more shaped and colored things, but as what has a distinctively sunflowery look.
    • 2010, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas
      It smelled sunflowery though, and when, during the initial application, some of it had dribbled into my mouth, its taste was not unpleasant.