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super- +‎ cock


supercock (plural supercocks)

  1. (slang, vulgar) A large penis.
    • 1973, Penthouse Magazine, Volume 8, Issues 1-6 (link):
      I would say that a thickness of 2 ins diameter and a length of 11 ins would count as a supercock.
    • 2010, Jim Izrael, The Denzel Principle: Why Black Women Can't Find Good Black Men, St. Martin's Press (2010), ISBN 9780312534851, page 140:
      The problem with the argument about the absentee daddy is that in order to buy into it, you have to believe that black women are dumb as rocks, [] and that the black supercock is a mystical one-eyed wonderweasel that mesmerizes and hypnotizes defenseless young black girls []
  2. (Philippines, dated) A formidable gamecock.
    • 1959, Alejandro Roces, Of Cocks and Kites, and Other Short Stories, Regal Publishing Co. (1959), page 61:
      [] You know, I could understand your anxiety if you were betting on just any rooster. But when you wager on a supercock like this, why, it's just like putting your money on San Miguel."