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From Late Latin suppedāneum, neuter of suppedāneus (under the feet), composed of sup- (under) + ped- (foot) + -aneus (-aneous).


  • IPA(key): /sʌpɪˈdeɪnɪəm/


suppedaneum (plural suppedanea)

  1. a foot-support for a crucified person, projecting from the base of the cross
    • 2002: At the center of the O, a nimbed Christ is fixed to a cross with a large serpent coiled at its base, his feet on a suppedaneum. — Celia Chazell, Reading Medieval Images, ed. Thelma Thomas & Elizabeth Sears (University of Michigan 2005, p. 27)
  2. the platform in front of the altar on which celebrating priest stands