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Etymology 1[edit]

swan +‎ -y


swanny (comparative swannier, superlative swanniest)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of a swan.
    • Richardson
      a swanny glossiness of the neck


Etymology 2[edit]

From “(I) shall warrant ye”; later re-interpreted as a minced oath of swear. Compare swan.



  1. Alternative form of swan (declare, swear)
    • 1843, Ann Sophia Stephens, High Life in New York, page 7
      I swanny if I ever felt so in my life ! I was so anxious about that long letter that I sent to them to get printed for you, that I was dreadful loth to go in, and eenamost made up my mind to turn about and make tracks for the sloop agin !
    • 1913, Alice B. Emerson, Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp, Start Classics →ISBN
      I swanny! but that was a warm time for me, Miss—it sure was. There was that ol' she b'ar with her mouth as wide open as a church door or, so it looked to Jerry Todd.
    • 2004, Ann Roscopf Allen, A Serpent Cherished, iUniverse →ISBN, page 172
      Here I was, with Miss Marie looking at me, expecting me to say what she wanted me to say, and I knew the Good Lord was looking down on me, too, expecting me to tell the truth. I swanny, I didn't know what to do.