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From Middle English swepere, swepare, equivalent to sweep +‎ -er.



sweeper (plural sweepers)

  1. One who sweeps floors or chimneys.
  2. A detector (for mines).
  3. Any of the small, tropical marine perciform fishes of the family Pempheridae, typically with deeply keeled, compressed bodies and large eyes.
  4. (soccer) A defender who is the last line of defence before the goalkeeper.
  5. (curling) A person who sweeps the ice ahead of the rock in play.
  6. (cricket) A batsman who plays sweep shots.
  7. (cricket) A fielding position along the boundary; a fielder in this position.
  8. A tree that has fallen over a river with branches extending into the water.
  9. A carpet sweeper.
  10. (US, regional, including Ohio and Indiana) A vacuum cleaner.
  11. (regional, including Cebu) A group of students tasked at cleaning the homeroom after class dismissal.

Derived terms[edit]