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From syn- (with) +‎ karyo- (nucleus) +‎ -phyte (growth).


  • IPA(key): /sɪnˈkæɹɪəfaɪt/, /sɪŋˈkæɹɪəfaɪt/


synkaryophyte (plural synkaryophytes)

  1. (biology) the stage in the development of a fungus at which synkarya are formed
    • 1904, ‎Sir Frank Crisp, ‎Alfred William Bennett, Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, page 94:
      The author finds that it shows a real relationship with the Basidiomycetes from the point of view of its nuclear evolution ; the presence of a group of synkaryons before the formation of the ascus, places it above the other Ascomycetes : we find here the first suggestion of that phase in the life-history, the synkaryophyte, which plays so important a part in the development in the Basidiomycetes.
    • 1906 December, James Bertram Overton, “The Morphology of the Ascocarp and Spore-Formation in the Many-Spored Asci of Thecotheus Pelletier I”, in Botanical Gazette, volume 42, number 6, page 459:
      He believes that there is a tendency in the Ascomycetes to form a synkaryophyte analogous to that of the Basidiomycetes.