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See also: tau, Tau, Tàu, tãu, tău, ta'u, and täü



Etymology 1[edit]

Sino-Vietnamese word from .


(classifier con, chiếc) tàu

  1. Short for tàu thuỷ (ship).
    tàu vũ trụa spaceship
    tàu Con Thoithe Space Shuttle
  2. Short for tàu hoả (train).
    say tàutrainsick

Etymology 2[edit]

See Tàu.

Alternative forms[edit]


tàu ()

  1. Alternative form of Tàu (Chinese)
Usage notes[edit]

Except in common compound words such as táo tàu, the capitalized spelling Tàu is used. Note, however, that Tàu, particularly người Tàu, may be considered derogatory.

Derived terms[edit]
Derived terms