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Etymology 1[edit]

Sino-Vietnamese word from .


(classifier con, chiếc) tàu

  1. vehicle or craft, usually large, designed for navigation in or on water, in air, on rails, or through outer space
    tàu Con Thoithe Space Shuttle
    tàu bayaircraft
    1. train
      Synonyms: tàu hoả, xe lửa
      say tàusuffering motion sickness from being on a train
    2. ship (ocean-going vessel)
      Synonym: tàu thuỷ
      tàu Nautilusthe Nautilus

Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms

Etymology 2[edit]

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tàu (𬟠 - , )

  1. a large leaf
    Sâu đầu đen gây hại làm tàu dừa cháy khô từ những lá già bên dưới.
    The Coconut black-headed caterpillar harmfully makes the coconut tree's large leaves dry-out from the older leaves underneath.

Etymology 3[edit]

See Tàu.


tàu ()

  1. Alternative letter-case form of Tàu (Chinese)
Usage notes[edit]

Except in common compound words such as táo tàu, the capitalized spelling Tàu is used. Note, however, that Tàu, particularly người Tàu, may be considered derogatory.

Derived terms[edit]