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From Scots tadger (penis). Compare English todger (penis).


tadger (plural tadgers)

  1. (Scotland) A penis.
    • 2005, Liz Rettig, My Desperate Love Diary: by Kelly Ann, Corgi Books, UK, page 302,
      G says just the thought of trying to bonk in my house was enough to shrivel his tadger and that he′d rather have sex in Argyle Street in the rush hour than try to do it at my place.
    • 2008, Andrew Melrose, Palace Pier Blues, Lulu, page 70,
      I mean childhood doesn′t last long anyway, by the time you realise you are a child ten years later you′re tugging at yer tadger.
    • 2009, Andy Bell, If Your Feet Are Tired and Weary: A Childhood Memory of a Young Boy Growing Up in the West of Glasgow ... Known Simply to Many as the Land of Temple Scurvy, AuthorHouse, page 129,
      [] we found this very funny and were laughing, sniggering and started washing our tadgers with the soap, copying this guy, the guy took exception to this and started shouting at us.
    • 2011 (2009), Bernardo Atxaga, Margaret Jull Costa (translator), Seven Houses in France, page 97,
      ‘But just in case, I'm going a bit farther off,’ he pointed to the solitary teak tree and added: ‘That′s the best place in Yangambi for a piss, but l don′t want to risk him seeing my tadger.’
    • 2012, Stephen Bridgman, My Bloody Efforts: Life as a Rating in the modern Royal Navy[1], page 43:
      Of course the medical staff had seen all this before, and they were quick to put our minds at ease—“Come of[sic] then—get your fucking kit off, the officer said, now move it!” came the caring and helpful advice, or “Come on, move it, these nurses aren′t embarrassed at seeing your little tadger—why should you be?”