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From Taizeme (Thailand) +‎ -iete (with Taizeme from tajs (Thai) +‎ zeme (land)), or from taizemietis (Thai) +‎ -e (fem.).


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taizemiete f (5th declension, masculine form: taizemietis)

  1. (female) Thai; a woman from Thailand
    īstas taizemietes, sertificētas speciālistes Austrumu medicīnātrue Thai women, certified specialists in Eastern medicine
    taizemiete pabeidz mācību gadu Latvijas skolāa Thai girl completed the school year in a school in Latviaia
    taizemiete vēlas iepazīt Latvijua Thai woman wants to know Latvia

Usage notes[edit]

Usually tajs (rare, usually found in its genitive plural form taju, used as an adjective), tajietis, tajiete and tajisks refer to the Thai people as an ethnic group, while taizemietis, taizemiete, taizemisks refer to citizens of Thailand, including those who are not ethnically Thai.



Related terms[edit]