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take upon

  1. To take charge of an item of business, or an obligation, as a personal initiative.
    He took it upon himself to check the reports.
    • 1850, Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Great Stone Face, published 2004, pages 12:
      We must not take upon us to affirm that this was a mistake,
    • 1993 October 8, ABC Nightline: 
    • 2011 Summer, Lannen, Andrew C., “James Oglethorpe and the Civil-Military Contest for Authority in Colonial Georgia, 1732-1749”, Georgia Historical Quarterly, volume 95, number 2, page 203-231: 
      Georgia's pro-slavery Malcontents, locked in their own fight against Trustee policies, also condemned Oglethorpe's "taking upon him to nominate magistrates, appoint justices of the peace, and to do many other such things, without ever exhibiting to the people any legal commission or authority for so doing."

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