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From Middle English tartelet, from Old French tartelette; equivalent to tart +‎ -let


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tartlet (plural tartlets)

  1. A small tart (pastry).
    • 1969, The South African Sugar Journal (volume 53, page 51)
      Place the cream in a piping bag with a fairly large star pipe attached, fill each tartlet with a twirl of cream and top with a strawberry.
  2. (derogatory, slang) A promiscuous young woman.
    • 1992, Stephen Coonts, The Cannibal Queen: A Flight Into the Heart of America, Open Road Integrated Media (2010), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      The only excitement I had was watching a tartlet in a teeny-weeny bikini that barely contained her truly mammoth assets light a cigarette and suck on it with puckered, painted, Lolita lips.
    • 2010, Jo Beverley, Emily and the Dark Angel, Signet Eclipse (2010), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      "She's a whore. A tartlet. Junia, he bought her for a hundred and fifty guineas, and then had the nerve to ask me to marry him!"
    • 2010, Pastor Shirley, S.E.C.R.E.T.S. of the First Ladies, Dog Ear Publishing (2010), →ISBN, page 77:
      She hated that a large chunk of Jerry's income supported his little tartlets instead of being directed into their household as it should have been..
    • 2011, A. K. Wrox, Arrabella Candellarbra & The Questy Thing to End All Questy Things, Clan Destine Press (2011), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      'Be gone tartlets! Your feminine charms hold no power over me,' he said, []
    • 2012, Sarah Nicole Prickett, "Kristen Stewart should not have apologized, and here's why", The Globe and Mail, 29 July 2012:
      I have yet to see a Hollywood tartlet apologize for weighing 95 pounds, or for playing dumb to stay popular, or for always being the sidekick when there's action.