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New Latin, from Latin taurus (bull)



  1. Used attributively as a species epithet

Derived terms[edit]


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taurus (a bull)

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Indo-European *táwros. Cognates include Ancient Greek ταῦρος (taûros), Old Prussian tauris, Proto-Germanic *steuraz. Possibly of Semitic origin, borrowed into Semitic, or both from a separate, unknown source; confer Proto-Semitic *θawr-, compare Arabic ثور‎, Hebrew שור‎. Related to English steer.


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈtau̯.rus/, [ˈtau̯.rʊs]
  • (file)


taurus m (genitive taurī); second declension

  1. a bull, steer
  2. an instrument of torture, in the shape of a bull
  3. a small bird that sounds like the lowing of oxen, possibly the bittern
  4. a kind of beetle
  5. (anatomy) the perineum


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative taurus taurī
Genitive taurī taurōrum
Dative taurō taurīs
Accusative taurum taurōs
Ablative taurō taurīs
Vocative taure taurī


Derived terms[edit]


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taurus m

  1. accusative plural form of taurs