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An X-ray technologist checking images on a monitor


technolog(y) +‎ -ist



technologist (plural technologists)

  1. A scientist or an engineer who specializes in a particular technology, or who uses technology in a particular field.
    • 1990, Ellen Jo Baron, Sydney M. Finegold, Bailey and Scott's Diagnostic Microbiology, page 418:
      The technologist must be careful not to overmoisten the disk, as false negative results can occur due to dilution of the end product.
    • 2012, David Blockley, Engineering: A Very Short Introduction (309), chapter 1, page 16:
      Gravity, heat, [and] electromagnetism…are the natural phenomena that scientists study and that engineers and technologists use to make their tools.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Technologist is usually preceded by the name of the pertinent specialist field, as in cardiovascular technologist, industrial technologist, etc. These specialist practitioners’ two-word titles tend to be etymologically preceded by the equivalent two-word names of their specialist fields.


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