telly tennis

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From telly + tennis, the game having a superficial resemblance to tennis.


telly tennis (uncountable)

  1. (slang, video games, Britain, Australia) The game of Pong, or any TV game closely based on it.
    • 1976, Elaine Feinstein, The ecstasy of Dr Miriam Garner, page 101:
      The monitored heart-rate on a small screen, like a hesitant green version of the telly tennis he'd played in pubs or railway stations.
    • 1979, New Scientist (volume 84, number 1175, 4 Oct 1979, page 48)
      Hooked on telly tennis, or football? We've been carrying out some in-depth testing of (playing with) a TV games unit for you to build.
    • 1992, Mudrooroo (Colin Johnson), Long live Sandawara, page 61:
      He finds them sitting at a small table holding a horizontal video tube and stands watching them play telly tennis.