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tender +‎ -preneur


tenderpreneur (plural tenderpreneurs)

  1. (slang, South Africa) A government official or politician who uses their powers and influence to secure government tenders and contracts.
    • 2010 November 10, Pratish Mistry, “Why Julius Malema is important to the ANC”, in NewsTime:
      No doubt you’re tired of reading about his colourful escapades – about his glamorous home, his allegedly dodgy tenderpreneur deals, his gushing praise of malevolent dictators, or his soundly articulated international economic policy.
    • 2010 October 24, “As Hawks fail us crooks plot anew”, in Sunday World (Sputh Africa)[1]:
      If anything, the decision represents an important victory to both emerging and accomplished tenderpreneurs who have undoubtedly distinguished themselves in clandestine plundering of state resources.
    • 2010. Blade Nzimande. Blade: Make all tenders public., Times LIVE. 6 Jan. 2010:
      Let's be bold, let's go and promote small entrepreneurs and defeat tenderpreneurs, those who steal."
    • 2010, Hayibo.com, Red Card, The: The Best of Hayibo.com 2009/2010, page 119:
      Tenderpreneur Julius Malema says he is not a hypocrite for publicly condemning personal enrichment while allegedly privately enriching himself, saying that there is no word for 'hypocrite' in the Pedi dictionary.

Derived terms[edit]