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testula f (genitive testulae); first declension

  1. potsherd
    • 4 CEc. 70 CE, Columella, De Re Rustica 11.3.31:
      tum testulae vel conchae quasi sedes singulis subiectae seminibus adobruuntur, ut fiant capita latioris incrementi.
      then little tiles or shells are put under-ground, and placed, as it were seats, under each of the plants, that so their heads may become of a larger growth.
  2. (transferred sense) An earthen lamp.
  3. (transferred sense) A voting-tablet used by the Athenians.
    • 110 BCE – 25 BCE, Nepos, Aristides 1.2:
      tamen a Themistocle collabefactus, testula illa exsilio decem annorum multatus est.
      yet being overborne by Themistocles with the ostracism, he was condemned to be banished for ten years.


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative testula testulae
Genitive testulae testulārum
Dative testulae testulīs
Accusative testulam testulās
Ablative testulā testulīs
Vocative testula testulae


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