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thigh-high (not comparable)

  1. Up to the thigh


thigh-high (not comparable)

  1. That is at thigh level; that reaches up or down to thigh level.
    • 2010, Adam Gabbatt, "Snow storms cause chaos on US east coast", The Guardian, 7 Feb 2010:
      Shops' shelves were emptied on Friday as people began stockpiling food, with some unable to leave their homes due to the thigh-high snow.



thigh-high (plural thigh-highs)

  1. (chiefly US) A hold-up stocking.
    • 1994, Richard Schickel, "Wretch on a Sexual Rampage", Time, 14 Nov 1994:
      Every once in a while a girl has to stop brooding over gender injustice, start thinking about sexual revenge, and slip into her thigh-highs and stiletto heels to lure a few dopes to destruction.
    • 1999, Jennifer Wolff, "Vamping with Vampires", Cosmopolitan, Jan 99:
      The resulting outfit: a cape, a breath-stealing corset, and a sheer black skirt atop a black vinyl thong and fishnet thigh-highs.


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