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thrilling +‎ -ly


thrillingly (comparative more thrillingly, superlative most thrillingly)

  1. In a thrilling manner.
    • 1799, Charles Brockden Brown, Arthur Mervyn, Philadelphia: H. Maxwell, Chapter 5, p. 51,[1]
      She held up her hands, and gazing upon me, uttered various exclamations which I could not understand. I could only remark that her accents were thrillingly musical.
    • 1848, Elizabeth Gaskell, Mary Barton, Chapter 14,[2]
      She spoke again, but in a less excited tone, although it was thrillingly earnest.
    • 1969, Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five, New York: Dial, 2005, Chapter 9, p. 243,[3]
      Actually, Billy’s outward listlessness was a screen. The listlessness concealed a mind which was fizzing and flashing thrillingly.
    • 2018 May 26, Daniel Taylor, “Liverpool go through after Mohamed Salah stops Manchester City fightback”, in The Guardian (London)[4]:
      They had started so thrillingly but all their early momentum was lost once Salah went off. It never properly came back and the players in red took a long time – too long, probably – to adjust to being without the man who had scored 44 times over a record-breaking season.