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throw +‎ -able


throwable ‎(not comparable)

  1. (computing, programming) That can be thrown in the manner of an exception.
    • 1997, Babak Sadr, Grady Booch, Unified objects: object-oriented programming using C++
      For an object to be throwable, it must be directly or indirectly derived from the Throwable class.
    • 2001, Alan Burns, Andrew J Wellings, Real-time systems and programming languages
      In general, each function may specify a list of throwable objects...
    • 2006, William Von Hagen, The definitive guide to GCC
      ...if you need to make certain symbols visible externally for debugging purposes or for catching exceptions for throwable entities within a library.
  2. That can be thrown (in any other context)

Derived terms[edit]




throwable ‎(plural throwables)

  1. (computing, programming) Any object that can be thrown in the manner of an exception.
    Exceptions are thrown when some module of the project detects an error condition or if it handles some standard Java throwables.