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From the genus name.


thuya (plural thuyas)

  1. Any member of the genus Thuya.
    • 1809, James Grey Jackson, An Account of the Empire of Marocco, VIII:
      Thuya, Ara, or Sandrac-tree, is probably the Arbor vitæ of Theophrastus: it is similar in leaf to the juniper, and, besides producing the gum sandrac, the wood is invaluable [...].



Hinde (1904) records thūya and sūya as equivalents of English flea in “Jogowini dialect” of Kikuyu[1].


This u is pronounced long.[2]
As for Tonal Class, Benson (1964) classifies this term into Class 3 with a disyllabic stem, together with kĩhaato, mbembe, kiugo, and so on.
  • (Kiambu)


thuya class 9/10 (plural thuya)

  1. flea[2][4]
    Synonyms: kĩroboto

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