time enough

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time enough (not comparable)

  1. (archaic) Sufficiently soon; in time.
    • 1648, Galliazzo Gualdo Priorato, Henry [Carey, 2nd] Earle of Monmouth, transl., An History of the Late Warres and Other State Affaires of the Best Part of Christendom, Beginning with the King of Swethlands Entrance into Germany, and Continuing to the Yeare 1640, London: W. Wilson, and are to bee sold by Iohn Hardesty, Thomas Huntington, and Thomas Iackson, [], pages 340–341:
      [] he made Maracini advance with his men towards Oder, to hinder Orang hells further proceedings, or his joyning with Bannier, which if it had happened time enough, that Elector would have had ſomewhat elſe to doe, then to have ſitten down before a ſtrong Towne which had a prettie Army in the Field to aſſiſt it.
    • 1812, Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings:
      Frances, Duchess of Richmond and Lenor, deposeth, / That she, the deponent, was not at the queen's labour, because she did not know it time enough, but as soon as she did, she made all the haste she could []