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to the

  1. (mathematics) Short for to the ... power, or to the (power of ) ...
    Two to the fourth equals sixteen.
    = Two to the fourth power equals sixteen.
    = Two to the four equals sixteen.
    = (Two to the power of four equals sixteen.)
    Ten to the fourth (10,000)
    =Ten to the four
    Ten to the minus four (1/10,000)
    Ten to the zero (1)
  2. (slang) used in rap songs between the letters of a word being spelled
    J to the L-O

Usage notes[edit]

  • Use with ordinal numbers (first, tenth, hundredth) is somewhat more common and formal for positive integers.
  • For negative, zero, or fractional powers, the ordinal form (minus tenth, zeroth, halfth) is rare or non-existent without the word "power".
  • The use with cardinal numbers (one, ten, one hundred, zero, minus ten) is common in Mathematics and Computing and is almost always used for numbers other than positive integers.
  • Formal usage with ordinals normally includes the word "power" for clarity, and the alternative form to the power of is preferred for powers that are not positive integers.

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