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A toe tag.

Alternative forms[edit]


toe tag (plural toe tags)

  1. An identifying label attached to the toe of a deceased person, especially in a morgue.
    • 1984 August, Joseph R. Levy, "Movies: Revenge of Tim Metcalfe," Cincinnati Magazine, p. 13 (Google preview):
      "But my strangest job was picking up dead bodies for a mortuary. . . . I had to put toe tags on the bodies."
    • 1997 May 25, Elsa Brenner, "Assessing The Future Of Yonkers Raceway," New York Times (retrieved 19 Dec 2015):
      "Racing in Delaware was so dead and buried you could have put a toe tag on it," Mr. Drucker said.
    • 2005 Sept. 23, Siobhan Morrissey, "Identifying the Dead: the Electronic Toe Tag," Time (retrieved 19 Dec 2015):
      Once a body is brought back to the makeshift morgue at the airport in Gulfport, Mississippi, a forensic pathologist assigns a chip to it. Says Hargrove, ". . . it's an advanced form of the toe tag."

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