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tombstone +‎ -ing.


tombstoning (uncountable)

  1. (Britain) The practice of jumping into the sea or similar body of water from a cliff or other high point such that the jumper enters the water vertically straight, like a tombstone.
  2. (computing) The process of (automatically) initiating software sleep mode on an app.
  3. (electronics) An unwanted effect in the manufacture of electronic circuit boards, in which a component stands up on end instead of lying flat.[1]
  4. (journalism) In page layout, putting articles side by side so that the headlines are adjacent. The phenomenon is also referred to as bumping heads.
  5. (Southern US) In highway driving, a blockage in traffic caused by a semi-trailer truck attempting to pass another with insufficient acceleration.
  6. (in digital libraries) The practice of leaving a marker in a location where a digital record has been withdrawn, in order to signify that the record had previously existed.
  7. (medicine) A tombstone pattern on an electrocardiogram.


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  1. present participle and gerund of tombstone


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