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town +‎ -scape


townscape (plural townscapes)

  1. A view of a town, or a subjective image of a town
  2. (art) A depiction of an urban scene


townscape (third-person singular simple present townscapes, present participle townscaping, simple past and past participle townscaped)

  1. (transitive) To design and lay out (buildings) as a town.
    • 1986, Patrick Lichfield, Courvoisier's Book of the Best, page 230:
      But the houses are so delicious and the way they're townscaped on to hilly bits is absolutely wonderful.
    • 2013, Edward J. Blakely, ‎Nancey Green Leigh, Planning Local Economic Development (page 244)
      For example, small communities in the Midwest have developed modest but well-designed approaches to townscaping that make them exceptionally visually appealing.