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From traditional +‎ -ism.


traditionalism (countable and uncountable, plural traditionalisms)

  1. The adherence to traditional views or practices, especially with regard to cultural or religious matters.
  2. The continuation of theological rituals on the basis that the ritual has always completed, rather than the ritual being a manifestation of theology.
  3. A philosophical system which makes tradition the supreme criterion and rule of certitude; the doctrine that human reason is of itself radically unable to know with certainty any truth or, at least, the fundamental truths of the metaphysical, moral, and religious order.
    • 1913, “Johann Sebastian von Drey”, in Catholic Encyclopedia (1913):
      But Drey also gave to the systematic theology of this school its peculiar stamp, equi-distinct from Traditionalism and Rationalism, recognizing on the one hand the objective facts in the history of Revelation and the tradition from generation to generation, maintaining on the other the rights of our natural reason and of philosophical speculation, with all due loyalty to dogma.


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