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Blend of trans +‎ lesbian.



transbian (plural transbians)

  1. (informal) A trans lesbian.
    • 2010, Red Jordan Arobateau, Autumn Changes: Part III, page 930:
      Our trans meeting at the clinic breaks up, after a discussion about transbians.
    • 2011, Shannon Leigh O'Shea, Blue Life, Pink Hair: What It's Like Being The Pink Sheep Of The Family, page 186:
      To give an opinionated answer, I'd say no, I do not think that there is a trend toward all transsexuals becoming transbians.
    • 2018, Valerie Pleasant, "Women Problems", Montréal Writes, March 2018, page 16:
      “So, I'm a butch transbian, so by most standards I'm literally just a cis-het dude-”
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